The developing world has numerous problems that affect the health of people.  In this section we will explore pollution that is spread by poor sanitation.  There are billions of bacteria and viruses that leave your body each time you eliminate feces.   If the feces are deposited on the open ground then the bacteria can spread by getting in the water supply, insects, or the wind.  If a hole in the ground is used then fewer bacteria will be spread by the wind and insects but more could get into the water supply.  The feces need to be isolated if the bacteria is to be prevented from polluting the environment.  A properly constructed septic system will allow the pathogens to die before the effluent is discharged into the ground.  Another option is to build a “Urine-diverting dehydrating toilet”— UDDT for short—.  The urine is separated at time of use and is available as a fertilizer while the feces are being sanitized.  Once the pathogens have been destroyed but you will be left with viable, nutritious soil conditioner and fertilizer. This new source of fertilizer will produce more nutritious food for the family, help nourish the soil, and your water and soil will be cleaner. Importing food, fertilizer, and antibiotics is only a temporary solution for your community.  I urge you to look for local solutions that will have long-term benefits.

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The chief disadvantage is that the toilet is a permanent structure so there are expenses in construction. The cost will vary depending on the location and local building material but the costs can be recouped by selling extra crops, selling the fertilizer, or saving on the cost of food, see construction material list. Microloans can be used to finance the construction. The generated fertilizer can be sold or used to grow crops to sell. Also, if the population is unfamiliar with a UDDT then they need to be educated to its advantages. If the people do not accept and use the UDDT then there are no advantages. 

The UDDT has the advantage of being adaptable to different communities. It can be constructed as a standalone facility, attached to the house, or incorporated into the home. You can use either a sitting or squatting toiler, and either anal wash or wipe.