Sanitize Feces &Urine


Feces need to be sanitized to prevent the pathogens from causing disease or sickness. Urine is sterile or almost sterile and needs only a short storage period before using. Once sanitized the feces can be used used for a beneficial purpose, the production of a useful byproduct of this process—fertilizer and soil conditioner. In some societies “night soil” (raw untreated sewage) is used to fertilize fields. Plants use the nourishment and are very productive, but, as we mentioned previously, untreated feces encourage pathogens that infect farmers, causing serious health effects and the crops become infected causing additional health issues to anyone eating the crops. These serious effects stem mainly from using untreated sewage and eating plants contaminated with pathogens. Use the time/temperature chart to make sure the feces have no live pathogens. More information is available in the book.